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A Simple Copywriting Formula or writing persuasive sales letters

Attract new customers and boost your sales

Sales copy is simply the words you use to sell the product or service you’re offering.

It sounds simple but DO NOT underestimate how much copy you need to sell something – even if your product is only $25.

Know this truth at all times…

Before you are able to write sales letter that will persuade and motivate somebody to act, you have to understand there core desire for the core pain that they’re trying to move away from.

The more you understand these things, the more sales your copy will convert.

Sales letter outline

Here’s a 12-step process that gives you an outline for writing your sales letter copy.

1. Get their attention

In most basic terms, this is a headline.

A BOLD headline. A BIG headline.

Think of it as a combination of POWER words that sparks curiosity.

Headlines are what get your prospects attention. Your story then draws them in.

2. Identify the problem(core pain)

Here you need to show your reader that you understand their particular problem that your product or service will solve for them.

To really understand your audience, you need to research and document everything you can about the core desires they are trying to move towards and the core pains they are trying to move away from.

Don’t be afraid to really flesh this out in detail. It’ll show that you understand them.

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3. Provide their solution

Here’s where you boldly show how that you and your product or service will solve their problem.

This is your product pitch.

4. Present your credentials

Tell them why they should believe you?

What is in your background and experience proves you are the person to help them solve their problem?

This is a good place to put in stories of your clients or your own personal achievements.

5. Show the results

Here’s where a lot of people mess up.

They talk about the process instead of the outcomes. Your reader wants to know the results they’re going to get. They don’t really want to know about the work they need to do to get there.

For example, let’s say you’re a health coach… you can tell them they’ll get three keto recipes, but it’s better to express that they’ll be healthier BECAUSE they have the recipes.

People by outcomes and results to their core desires.

6. Give social proof

If you’re just starting out, this one is tricky because you don’t have any testimonials yet.

You can either provide testimonials to related things if you have them or you can offer your product or service for free in exchange for testimonials.

7. Detailed offer stack

This is where you tell them what they are getting and at what price.

Details, explanations, and all the goodies spelled out REALLY clearly.

Remember, an offer is a group of products packaged together to separate you from the competition.

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8. Inject scarcity

This only works if it’s actually true! Don’t say that items or time is limited, unless it actually is.

Scarcity works. The best way to use it is to take advantage of an upcoming holiday or event and offer a limited time discount or bonus.

9. Guarantee it!

If it doesn’t provide the value they expected, promise a refund.

Set a time limit and make it really clear if it’s either a “no questions asked” refund, or if it’s “you get a refund if you show me you tried it and it didn’t work”

Whatever you’re guarantee, make sure it’s clear.

10. Call to Action

Here’s where you tell them exactly what they need to do.

This is your “Buy now!” moment in the letter.

11. Provide advance warning

I know this sounds kind of ominous and it doesn’t have to be.

Just gently remind them of the time limit for the bonus, or the disadvantage of not acting.

12. Close with a reminder

Put your call to action here again.

You’re reminding them to do what you just offered above.

It seems obvious, but make sure you remind them.


That’s it!

That’s the simple copyrighting formula. Follow this as you write your content and you will see greater results in your conversions.

Copyrighting is an art and a science and well worth the investment. Learn to persuade with words and you will never go hungry.

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